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Covid - 19

Due to the pandemic, as most of you, we  have also activated our contingency plans in all of our operating centers –Miami, Monterrey and Caracas- focused primarily  on the safety and well-being of our Tecnoconsult Community and their families, our top priority.  But equally as well,  to ensure operations continuity and the fulfillment of our responsibilities with clients, maintaining  a responsive climate and meeting project goals.   

We have adapted swiftly to the new and adverse circumstances, learning as we go how to overcome unforeseen barriers, and we are now operating  under Work From Home (WFH) protocols. 

We are immensely  proud  of the way our Tecnoconsult Community, in all three operating centers,   has stepped up to the challenges, contributing to our  operational continuity and performance stability. We have been able to meet all progress  milestones for projects being developed and continue to successfully satisfy our clients’ commitments and demands. 

Meanwhile, we take advantage of any free time to train our professionals and strengthen their capabilities, improving the level of our services and preparing for a future of opportunities in which we will be able to continue adding value to our clients and associates.  

In these difficult times, when competitive, reliable and low cost/high value engineering services are a vital component of any equation, we are privileged to support and strengthen our clients’ and partners’ commercial strategies and endeavors. 

We wish to express our  gratitude for your  support and patience during these very challenging times, and feel privileged to work alongside  you as One Team  and trusted HVEC.  Together we shall overcome and develop into stronger, more competitive and useful organizations.


Best regards...and please keep safe!


Within the framework of our 52 anniversary,  CEO Carlos E. Yanes presented the new Corporate Code of Conduct and Compliance Manual, important documents that strengthen our performance in the international field.

In his presentation, Mr Yanes  points out that “As a result of our internationalization process, especially since we registered as a company in the United States, we have been complying with all the legal and administrative requirements demanded of organizations such as ours that wish to ensure their participation in the international markets ”.

The document brings together Tecnoconsult´s  Mission and Vision  as well as our core values, guiding principles and fundamental commitments, which are the basic components of our Code of Conduct and that should guide our daily activities.

The CEO  added that “These precepts clearly indicate our standards of behavior, our commitment to always act well and consistently, and also reinforce our essential dogmas: the continuous pursuit of excellence and delivery of value, high ethical and moral standards, full customer satisfaction; welfare, progress and development of our professional talent; safety and health standards for our Tecnoconsult Community, as well as the development of a culture of social and environmental responsibility. ”

He emphasized  that these precepts must be rigorously observed by everyone in the organization. “In our continuous effort to protect our reputation, we all share the responsibility of living within the framework of our Corporate Code of Conduct and Compliance Manual, leading by example and promoting their requirements within the Tecnoconsult Community, as well as with partners and allies.”



The Quality Management System (QMS)  of our Caracas operation was certified once more under the ISO 9001:2015  international standards.

In 1994, 26 years ago,  Tecnoconsult was the first engineering company in Venezuela,  and among the first in Latin America, to be certified and, since them, our QMS has been updated and re-certified continuously.

This time around, the process was a bit more challenging, since it had to be carried out remotely.  In fact, some of the managers where not in the same geographical area nor time zone.

The auditor commented  favorably on our QMS, and found it to be quite robust.  He specifically mentioned that activities in all processes are measured,  our QMS is well documented and that information relating to processes and procedures is managed appropriately by those involved.

This successful new audit underscores the importance that we assign to the maintenance of an updated and rigorous Quality Management System, as the backbone of our engineering services.  We take our quality seriously!



Our Tecnoconsult  subsidiary in Monterrey has been developing relentlessly since it began operations last year.

Sergio Saldívar, General Director of that office, comments that at the present time they have 25 direct professionals, most of them dedicated to  project execution  for our clients in the United States. But the immediate potential growth, based on the assurance of new projects, is up to 40 people.

“Throughout this last year we have established solid channels of communication with our clients in the United States, as well as with Tecnoconsult Caracas, satisfying all requirements regarding computer security.”

Simultaneously,  Tecnoconsult Monterrey is  also focused on expanding its business to the Mexican market, which offers interesting opportunities..



Tecnoconsult recently received the 2020 Certificate of Appreciation  from the St. Jude Children´s Research Hospital, "in recognition of outstanding support in helping keep its promise to children and families battling cancer and other deadly deceases". 

Our company has proudly contributed over many years with the extraordinary research  activities and charities  of this prestigious institution. 


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