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Press release

After several years of close relationship, in which Alabama based Hargrove & Associates Inc. has relied on Tecnoconsult Inc., an engineering company headquartered in Florida, for support in the development of projects for US-based clients, both companies have agreed tojoin forces in a partnership that will ensure top quality, world class, engineering and project management services for years to come.

Hargrove Engineers + Constructors has acquired interest in TC North America S.A. de C.V., Tecnoconsult´s Mexican subsidiary, jointly owned with Saldivar Engineering. With the incorporation of Hargrove as a third partner, the company name will change to Tecnohargrove and will continue to be based in Monterrey, Mexico, serving the Mexican market, as well asTecnoconsult and Hargrove clients in other countries. Tecnohargrove´s managing director will continue to be Sergio Saldivar.

Tecnohargrove will bring together 80 years of combined experience in the successful completion of thousands of projects for the hydrocarbon, petrochemical, power, infrastructure, manufacturing, and industrial sectors, that will provide best-in-class services at the most competitive rates.

“What we build best are relationships, and I have no doubt this relationship with Tecnoconsult will lead to mutual and sustained success for both groups, as well as our clients,” said Ralph A. Hargrove, President and CEO of Hargrove Engineers + Constructors. “We’re proud to continue to show up for our clients in the ways that they need and to provide the Right Peoplein the Right Place at the Right Time™.”

Equally, Mr. Tony Marzuka, President of Tecnoconsult´s Board, said “This partnership brings together both companies´ vast experience accumulated over many years in a variety of sectors, and the synergy generated will undoubtedly be of great benefit to their respective clients and all other stakeholders”.

Founded in Mobile, Alabama, USA in 1995, Hargrove is a full-service EPC, automation, lifes ciences and technical services firm whose success stems from building the most talented network of engineers and construction professionals while maintaining long-term client relationships. Hargrove celebrated their 25th anniversary in 2020 and has opened at least one additional location every year since 2016. For more information about Hargrove, or for career opportunities, please visit www.hargrove-epc.com
Tecnoconsult, established in 1967, has extensive experience in North America, Latin America and the Caribbean, and has operated its Mexican subsidiary in Monterrey for the past five years. For more on Tecnoconsult, please visit www.tecnoconsult.com.

For further details please contact:
Nicolas Hausman, Marketing Leader, Hargrove, nhausman@hargrove-epc.com
Richard N Bailey, Tecnoconsult, rbailey@tecnoconsult.com
Press release

Covid - 19

Due to the pandemic, as most of you, we  have also activated our contingency plans in all of our operating centers –Miami, Monterrey and Caracas- focused primarily  on the safety and well-being of our Tecnoconsult Community and their families, our top priority.  But equally as well,  to ensure operations continuity and the fulfillment of our responsibilities with clients, maintaining  a responsive climate and meeting project goals.   

We have adapted swiftly to the new and adverse circumstances, learning as we go how to overcome unforeseen barriers, and we are now operating  under Work From Home (WFH) protocols. 

We are immensely  proud  of the way our Tecnoconsult Community, in all three operating centers,   has stepped up to the challenges, contributing to our  operations continuity and performance stability. We have been able to meet all progress  milestones for projects being developed and continue to successfully satisfy our clients’ commitments and demands. 

Meanwhile, we take advantage of any free time to train our professionals and strengthen their capabilities, improving the level of our services and preparing for a future of opportunities in which we will be able to continue adding value to our clients and associates.  

In these difficult times, when competitive, reliable and low cost/high value engineering services are a vital component of any equation, we are privileged to support and strengthen our clients’ and partners’ commercial strategies and endeavors. 

We wish to express our  gratitude for your  support and patience during these very challenging times, and feel privileged to work alongside  you as One Team  and trusted HVEC.  Together we shall overcome and develop into stronger, more competitive and useful organizations.


Best regards...and please keep safe!

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